Cosmetic Venners

The team at Pineview Dental Care is a proud, elite member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This relationship offers education and resources in the field of cosmetic porcelain veneers which may be the right option for discolored teeth, teeth that are worn down, teeth that are broken, misaligned teeth or dental gaps. They have proven to be a versatile cosmetic dental treatment option.

After an initial consultation, our providers will prepare your teeth for the veneer application, take impressions of the teeth and send those impressions to the dental lab that will be creating your veneers. During a follow up visit a few weeks later, the veneers, created specifically for your teeth, will be cemented to the surface of your teeth.

The thickness of veneers can be as little as .2 to .3 millimeters (along the same lines as a contact lens). In some situations porcelain veneers may require a minimal thickness of around .5mm. There are some situations that allow for the placement of porcelain veneers using a technique where no tooth reduction is needed.

Porcelain veneers provide improved appearance of teeth, are resistant to future staining and can provide effortless whitening effects. Veneers can not be removed and must be replaced if they are somehow damaged. They can last up to 10 years before reapplication is required and don’t require any special care outside of normal good oral health practices. The cost of veneers can vary greatly. If this is a procedure you would like to learn more about, call Pineview Dental Care today to schedule a consultation.

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