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The Invisalign ® system is simply one method by which a dentist can provide orthodontic treatment for a patient.

With traditional braces, the force needed to realign the patient’s teeth are generated and directed by way of brackets, wires, springs and elastics. With Invisalign ®, the needed orthodontic forces are created by wearing a series of nearly invisible clear, removable “aligners” that have been custom-molded so they fit snugly over the patient’s teeth in a very specific fashion.

One benefit of the Invisalign ® system is that patients can remove the aligners for brushing, flossing and eating which makes good hygiene during orthodontic treatment much more attainable. The aligners can’t be broken either which eliminates emergency visits to the orthodontist for bracket and wire repairs. And, don’t sweat if you loose an aligner, the system comes with several free replacements in the event that happens – especially good news to parents of teens undergoing orthodontic treatment.

There are specific applications for both teen and adult patients and the costs are comparable to traditional braces. Dr. Adam Myers, at Pineview Dental Care, is Morgantown’s only premier Invisalign ® provider. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment option, call the Pineview team today.

Click Here to visit the Invisalign ® website for more information.

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